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Top 10 best sites for international dating for Singles 35+

With modern technologies the distances between people are not a serious obstacle anymore. Why restrict yourself to meeting people looking for love within your country? International dating sites bring together people living thousands of miles away. So if you have a wish to meet a partner outside your native country, you should try international dating online. Below you will find the listings with the best sites for international dating.
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Dating Advice

Choosing the right platform for international dating

Love knows no boundaries. Online dating has only enhanced the validity of this statement. With international online dating, you can meet singles in other countries without leaving your house. Just select a site among more than 100 free dating sites available in the Net, register a profile and start chatting with attractive women from all over the world. There you can meet Russian girls, german girls or girls in Odessa. 

There may be various reasons why you want to meet someone special outside your motherland.  Maybe you find women of certain nationality the most beautiful in the world, or you have a particular interest towards a certain culture. Actually, it does not matter. Noone is going to blame you for a wish to have a romance with a foreigner and seek dating for free outside US dating sites. And a wide selection of international online dating sites only proves that you are not alone in your desires. Thousands of men and women in the different parts of the world are eager to open their hearts to people from other countries and cultures. So the most important step here is choosing the right platform.  

The first step of your online journey is choosing a site. There are plenty of them on the Internet, so how to pick up the one that will suit all your dating needs? We are here to help you with that. We not only provide rankings of the best sites for international dating, we also present detailed reviews to make the process of choosing the right spot easier for you. 

Let's take a closer look at all important things to look out on a paid or free dating site.

1. Userbase

The bigger crowd often means a better choice. If a site has millions of active profiles, your chances to meet someone you fancy increase. Some sites cater to specific interests, so make sure you have joined the right place. If you are interested in meeting Russian Slavic women there is no sense of joining sites with Chinese women. All in all, if the user base of the site is fitting you, your dating experience should be a success.  Look through the profiles to check if they look like “your sort of people” in general. '

2. Features

Lots of sites do their best to stand out of the crowd and offer unique features and communication tools (for instance, translation services or chat video). We believe it important to favour quality over quantity. Just make sure that the site provides all the necessary tools to flirt and communicate online, i.e. e-mails, instant chat, winks or smiles, advanced search daily matches.  Anyhow, the diversity of features is great, but nothing can beat an active and large userbase.

3. Ease-of-use

The next thing you should always pay attention to when choosing a dating site is how easy it is to use. An intuitive interface, eye-pleasing and clear design ensure having a positive experience online. Also, there is always a plus, if a site offers a mobile app. This is extremely convenient, as you can use the site from your mobile device. This takes off any restrictions, and you can enjoy online dating anywhere on the go. 

4. Pricing

If you choose a site with various paid membership plans, make sure that the pricing model is transparent and the cancellation process is simple and without fuss. If the prices are higher than average, try to understand if they are reasonable. Also, a trustworthy site always uses secure payment gateways. Always treat the payment issues carefully and check the terms and conditions carefully before making a payment. 

5. Security

A dating site should be a safe place. Of course, as any other activity in the net, communication online implies you may come across some fraudsters. That is why any serious dating platform should act with due diligence to ensure a safe and secure online environment for its users. Thorough verification, ability to report suspicious users and security tips are definitely the good signs. 

6. Support

There may be plenty of situations when you require assistance (technical and payment issues, suspicious behavior of other members). That is why numerous ways to get in touch with the support representatives are always a plus.

Now you know what you should pay attention to when choosing a platform. With this knowledge and our reviews and ratings, you can select a good online venue to meet Russian women or Romanian women and start your exciting dating journey!

Peculiarities of women of different nationalities

Why do men often prefer dating a foreign girlfriend? Some men prefer Greek women, others fall for Ukrainian girls. Let’s try to find out why women of various nationalities attract men. 

The most vivid tendency is men’s interest in East-European women. Have you ever wonder why so? What do men praise in them?

russian girls Russian girls are considered to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and a beautiful companion is always a status indicator for a man. Also, there is an opinion that Russian girls generally lack for male attention and that is why they are easy-to-reach. Women in Russia don’t have inflated self-esteem, which means that winning their hearts will be easier. Besides, courting them is less costly. Russian women are less demanding in everyday life and relations, which means they can become good faithful spouses and mothers who are fully devoted to their family.

ukrainian girls Ukrainian women are highly praised for their beauty and their ability to be good-looking in any situation. Also, they are reputed for moral virtues, facile and caring nature. Modern Ukrainian girls are well-educated and want to build a career, still they combine work and household at the same time pretty well. They are good at cooking and making their home cozy. Also, they are emotional, passionate and ready to share their tenderness. All these qualities attract men from all over the world. 

polish girls Polish women are often considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. Though this statement is arguable, they are really concerned about their appearance. Even if a polish woman is not endowed with natural beauty, they will thoroughly conceal their shortcomings with makeup and clothing. Polish women are confident and dignified, so be ready to treat them like queens. They adore compliments and courtesies like gifts and flowers. Polish women are extremely family-oriented. They become good spouses who care for their second halves and children. 

czech girl Czech women are independent, polite and sincere. They don’t care much about their appearance and prefer comfortable shoes and clothes. They are down-to-earth and will not spend money unreasonably. They enjoy doing sports rather for themselves and good health than for having good forms. Sexual revolution took place in former Czechoslovakia earlier than elsewhere in the Eastern Europe, which made Czech women sexually- unfettered so they are never prim and proper with men.  

romanian girls Romanian women are very inventive, no matter of their age. They will easily find a way out from almost any tricky situation. Most of Romanian girls and women are very religious, visiting the church for a prayer several times a day norm for them. They are loving mothers and surround their children with the care and attention.

Other popular nationalities among European women are German and Greek women. 

german girls German women are independent and freedom-loving. They have no complexes about their appearance or age. German girls cannot imagine their life without work and do not treat men as a purse. They are no beaters about the bush and will never make any fake excuse. You can be sure, they will tell you straight if they do not want to date you. They do not spend a lot of time on make-up and prefer comfortable clothes. German women are saving and rational in their purchases. They are persistent in achieving their goals and can combine work, children, sports and hobbies.

greek girlsGreek women are very emotional, if they are happy - it's from the heart and if they cry - it's uncontrollably. They are charming and smiley. They know their own value as they are overindulged from their childhood. They are surrounded with love and attention. Greek women are sociable and enjoy spending time in a company of their friends. Maybe they are not the most beautiful in the world, but the external shortcomings are more than offset by zest for life and communicability.

Another very sought after kind or women are Asian women. Why do men want to date them so desperately and what qualities attract men from different countries? Let us get all this straightened out.

japaneese girls Japanese women. Many people have stereotypes of Japanese women after watching anime. Actually, anime only gives you a wrong impression of Japanese women. In reality, they are shy; they do not like hugs and kisses in public. Local men are not romantic at all, they almost never give flowers or carry girls in their arms, that is why Japanese girls are not used to the demonstration of romanticism. Be romantic, and you will impress a girl in a positive way. But too much is either not good, for instance, if you give flowers, let it be a small bunch, as otherwise a girl will be rather embarrassed than pleased.  Japanese girls adore shopping, so big shopping malls are a great place for having a date. Also, they like visiting the cinema and karaoke. 

If you are interested in dating women of certain nationality you can join a niche site. Therefore, you can try your luck in love on one of the platforms below:

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